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Trish Hildinger, HTR
Registered Horticultural Therapist


Our Mission

To facilitate the human plant connection for nurturance, growth 

and restoration of the physical body and soul.

Welcome to Horticultural Therapy


  • Horticultural Therapists use plants and horticultural activities to help individuals or groups reach cognitive, emotional, physical and/or social goals. Often times they work with other professionals to attain identified goals. Examples of goals might be: an increase in socialization or focusing skills, balance, following instructions, and fine or gross motor skills. 

Nurture Cultivate Grow Restore


  • Horticultural Therapy Santa Cruz works with a variety of populations, with an emphasis on memory care and dementia. Our goals are to provide Horticultural Therapy programming to a broad range of people. We hope to  be a catalyst for personal and positive growth through purposeful gardening and horticultural activities.