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Horticultural Therapy Santa Cruz

Trish Hildinger, HTR Registered Horticultural Therapist

Trish Hildinger, HTR Registered Horticultural Therapist Trish Hildinger, HTR Registered Horticultural Therapist

Our Mission

                                  To facilitate the human plant connection for nurturance, growth 

                                                  and restoration of the physical body and soul.

Welcome to Horticultural Therapy

  • Horticultural Therapists use plants and horticultural activities to help individuals or groups reach cognitive, emotional, physical and/or social goals. Often times they work with other professionals to attain identified goals. Examples of goals might be: an increase in socialization or focusing skills, balance, following instructions, and fine or gross motor skills. 

Nurture Cultivate Grow Restore

  • Horticultural Therapy Santa Cruz works with a variety of populations. Our goals are to provide Horticultural Therapy programming to a broad range of people. We hope to  be a catalyst for personal and positive growth through purposeful gardening and horticultural activities. 


Trish HIldinger, HTR

Trish has a B.S. in Horticulture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a registered horticultural therapist. Before beginning her current work in horticultural therapy, she taught gardening to children, teachers, and community members for over 25 years both in Santa Cruz and through teacher workshops across the U.S.

Combining her gardening skills with a desire to help others led her to horticultural therapy. In 2015 she went back to school, and in 2017 she completed her professional registration through the Horticultural Therapy Institute and the American Horticultural Therapy Association. In 2018 she started Horticultural Therapy Santa Cruz and founded the California Horticultural Therapy Network . This professional organization's goal is to catalyze collaborations and advance the profession of horticultural therapy in California. Today Trish works with a variety of populations, including adults who have had strokes and have memory loss and dementia.

Volunteers Welcome

Are you looking for a way to contribute?  Volunteers are needed for working with elders in our assisted living and memory care sessions.  No experience required.  Please contact Trish if you are ready to get your hands dirty and have a rewarding experience working with elders!