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Trish Hildinger, HTR
Registered Horticultural Therapist

Stroke and Disability Learning Center at Cabrillo College

We have spinach, pansies and green onions planted in our raised planters. A few cosmos are still blooming and ranunculus and daffodils are just beginning to pop out too. In November we celebrated and gave thanks to people who are important in our lives with tussie mussie bouquets. We also propagated houseplants and did some petal pounding for potpourri sachets. Our semester ends 12/12/19.

Aegis of Aptos Horticultural Therapy

In November we made cards with viburnum and plectranthus leaves. We refreshed our outdoor planters with chrysanthemums and look forward to making seed packets to give to friends and family. Horticultural  therapy sessions are offered at Aegis of Aptos the first and third Thursdays of every month. 

Horticultural Therapy at Sunshine Villa in Santa Cruz

We transplanted and potted up houseplants with residents in Assisted Living and with Memory Care residents we had a lot of sensory with cilantro, lettuce and marigold plants and seeds.