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Trish Hildinger, HTR
Registered Horticultural Therapist

Registration Open Spring 2020:The Stroke and Disability Learning Center at Cabrillo College

We have spinach, pansies, green onions and kale planted in our raised, self-watering planters, with a few cosmos still blooming. We had a busy October with seed saving, planting, succulent pumpkins and terrariums. In one class we had a discussion about labels: ones that are put on us, we put on others, and that we put on ourselves.

Aegis of Aptos Horticultural Therapy

November brings leaves and transitions of all kinds. We will be making cards from our dried flowers from summer as well as making leaf rubbings Horticultural  therapy sessions are offered at Aegis of Aptos the first and third Thursdays of every month. 

Horticultural Therapy at Sunshine Villa in Santa Cruz

We will be making leaf rubbings and cards with flowers and leaves we dried previously. Last month succulent pumpkins were a big hit with Assisted Living residents, with over 20 people participating!